Ultimate Barcode System

Ultimate Barcode System

1156 Chapters
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Chiang Hao finds himself bound to a powerful scanning system, with the condition that he must acquire two kisses from Han Xun'er to upgrade it. Failure would result in his mighty "ding" being reduced to insignificance. Undeterred, Chiang Hao captivates Han Xun'er with his unparalleled skills and profound understanding of her essence. By revealing his remarkable fortune-telling abilities, he rescues her from a life-threatening situation and gains her trust.

Accompanying her to a prestigious family gathering, Chiang Hao fearlessly utilizes his System to expose the true nature of each family member, challenging their established positions and wealth. In a surprising turn of events, Han Xun'er, moved by his audacity, passionately kisses him, leaving everyone in shock. This act also leads to an upgrade of his System, opening the door to unimaginable possibilities.

Rejecting the lure of wealth, Chiang Hao sees the financial offerings as mere distractions from his mission within the System. He remains unfazed by the antagonistic presence of an arrogant man from his past and his former crush, effortlessly dismissing them like bothersome flies.

When his beloved sister becomes the target of baseless accusations, Chiang Hao unleashes his indomitable spirit, confronting those responsible and compelling them to apologize in the face of his formidable presence.

Amidst these challenges, Chiang Hao rises to the occasion, assisting Han Xun'er's family in overcoming a dire crisis. With his ingenious solutions, he becomes an invaluable asset, earning admiration and affection from Han Xun'er.

Guided by his formidable System and an array of extraordinary abilities, Chiang Hao fearlessly steers obstacles, selflessly aids those in need, and unravels perplexing mysteries. Through forging unbreakable bonds and amassing unparalleled strength, he discovers that the pursuit of coolness and success may lead him to the pinnacle of his life.

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