War Soul Transformation

War Soul Transformation

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Soul cultivation is his mission, no matter what the difficulties, he will always go forward!

On this continent, if human beings want to be strong, they can only achieve it by cultivating their own souls. Some people are able to reach the seventh level or above, which is very powerful.

Li Ye is a rare teenager who has reached the tenth level on the continent. When he reaches the tenth level, his soul can combine with the beast's souls to form a stronger soul. However, when he thought he would be a leader, The elders of the family took advantage of his father's absence, taking his force away from him and gave it to another, more favored boy. In order to survive, he had to pretend to be foolish with hate.

After three years , his father finally returned. It was time for his revenge. With anger full of his heart, those who had hurt him had to accept the cruelest punishment! In the future, he will be even stronger!

☆About the Author☆

Shao Guang Xia Jiu, an outstanding online novelist, his novel War Soul Transformation received a high score on the Chinese literature website, and its ups and downs plot was loved by many readers.

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