Big Son-In-Law

Big Son-In-Law

678 Chapters
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No one understood as such a beautiful CEO, could she be married to a simple security guard

"is like a flower stuck in cow dung"

Chen Qingchuan had married by agreement with the granddaughter of a friend of his grandfather, and although he was not willing, they had frozen all his assets and had thrown him out of the family, if in three years his marriage did not work out, he could divorce and leave him. they would return their goods

In three years he had not done anything to improve his relationship, conversely, he was a lazy man who lived on his wife's money, waiting for time to pass

Tomorrow, it will finally be three years. After having pissed off his wife for three years, it was time to please her for the first time by signing the divorce she wanted so much.

Beautiful CEO Su Xue finally got a divorce, but on the second day of the divorce, she found out who her ex-husband was.

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June 2, 2024 12:56 PM
its so thrilling and i cant stop reading it
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