Disciple Of Divine Justice

Disciple Of Divine Justice

527 Chapters
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*In this Heaven and Earth, Only the power is the truth!

Only the strogest one could use force to break the Heavenly Dao and reverse yin and yang.

For now there are four greatest warriors are close to it!

On the Northern Continent's Nether Profound Sea where the sky was covered in ice and snow all year round.

There was a drgon worrior had a cold blade that broke through the heavens and earth.

On the dragons and phoenixes of the Southern Continent, There was Martial Immortal Xiao Kuang unleashed his powerful punches to shatter the void …

On the Western Continent where filled with the Demon Area. Ten thousand years of killing intent raged, while the Devil Ancestor's flames of war were filled with endless killing intent that shook the universe …

On the Eastern Continent was tranquil, and immortal islands could be seen everywhere.

As the poor master who had watched his whole family being murdered.

Could him step by step walk on the path of cultivation and defeat all his enemies ?

Could he defeat all those four strongest enemies of his own Dao?

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