Godly Evil System

Godly Evil System

100 Chapters
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Ding! Congratulations, you have successfully bound a Divine level evildoer system!

Ding! You have defeated many heaven's pride experts. You received 999 points!

Ding … congratulations, you have drawn the Immortal Destroying Sword!


What? You say that you are a genius?

Ding! Learning function allows me to learn all martial skills at a glance. And he had even directly learned it to the extreme!

What? You said you have a pair of God's Eye that can turn into a statue with just one look?

Ding! With the plundering ability, not only will your God's Eye be used, I can also plunder your cultivation!

What? You have unparalleled Spear Intent?

Ding! Understand the function and you can easily comprehend sword intent, Spear Intent, Saber Intent, and so on. Moreover, they are all top-notch!

A God Realm expert wants to kill me?

That, I'll sit here and wait for you. If you can even touch a single strand of my hair, then I'll lose!

Mo Junyan looked at the crescent moon in the sky and leisurely said, "Even though I am a monster, I am still left alone …"

System: Shameless! So many fairies admire you, yet you like to ignore them, and now you still say that?

The young master who used to be the Emperor Ball, Soul Piercing World, activated the God Tier system and from now on, had a monstrous life!

Divine level expert: Never did I expect that I wasn't able to withstand a single move from him!

Immortal Realm Great Immortal: Nonsense, even this great deity couldn't beat this demon. How could you withstand it?

Sovereign of the dynasty: The one who gets the face of Mo Jun, the one who gets the world!

Let's see how the freakish geniuses would step foot on it step by step. Ah pei, how carefree and carefree one would be when one was at the peak!

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January 28, 2024 1:49 AM
Nice novel,the creativity is not so bad as other novels,I like this novel and overall it's a good novel
December 24, 2023 1:57 AM
good book hahaahhaah
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