Immortal Martial Pinnacle

Immortal Martial Pinnacle

448 Chapters
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*He was a boy who rescued from the Land of Catastrophe.

He could walk for a month, talk for three months, and read for seven months. He was like the incarnation of wisdom.

Every body thought he would be the genius that only appeared once every ten thousand years.

But when he started cultivating when he was six years old, he seemed to have lost the love of the heavens. He actually did not understand it at all…

Although his cultivation base was weak and he was ridiculed by those cultivators, His step still was tolerant of him.

so the chiefs of the prefecture didn't dare to look down on him.

Until one day, every thing has changed…

Now as a young master who lost every he swear to avenge.

Could him attained the peak of the Immortal Martial Realm?

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