Legend of Yang Qingtian in Another Wolrd

Legend of Yang Qingtian in Another Wolrd

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" What kind of weather is this? I didn't bring an umbrella..." Yang Qingtain complained as he extended his middle finger to the sky.


Perhaps, because it was his hand gesture that angered the heavens, Yang Qingtain vanished into thin air in the blink of an eye. Yes, he was just struck by a bolt of lightning!

Yang Qingtian was a first-year university student with an outstanding academic record. However, due to an unforeseen incident, he found himself in a room full of unfamiliar people when he opened his eyes.

"F*ck! Didn't I get struck by lightning?! I haven't even found a girlfriend yet! Wait, so why do I still have consciousness?"

Sure enough, he was reincarnated as a child in the noble family of another world.

"Haha... I was born in a big noble family, and I am also a genius. I will roam the continent!"

That was what he thought, but...

"Wtf! How could my life not be smooth sailing?!"

This is the journey of how reincarnated Yang Qingtian creates his own legendary life.

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