The Defiant

The Defiant

1054 Chapters
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*"No matter how this world changes, I would protect this world for ever!"

As the a child who chosen by fate, he is destined to step on the road of an extraordinary rising.

This Profound Realm Continent was vast and boundless.

In this world the martial way was flourishing, the sects of the Realm Domain.

As a bizarre world of martial arts.

It has the ten empires of the Supreme Realm.

It has the ancient temples of the Primordial Era.

It has the ruins of the gods, the ancient region, and the endless mountain range of vicious beasts.

This was the world of the strong.

But out of this world, the Group of enemy had already surrounded this world.

The Elder Gods had descended, and the heaven's pride level experts were unhindered. They looked down upon all living things …

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