Unparalled Sovereign Of Another World

Unparalled Sovereign Of Another World

223 Chapters
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*As the embodiment of chaos, At his last life he was the young talent of the number one sect in the cultivation world.

Because other people’s Jealousy and backstabbing he entered the forbidden area of the sect…

He thought his life would be ended here, But turns out though this forbidden area his soul had traveled into a Isekai World and became a prince of Celestial Dragon Kingdom!

This different world where are Elves, Orc, Demon and Undead lives

In this world cultivation system are different. The profession mainly consisted of mages, swordsmen, and knights, all of them could have their own beasts!

Now as an Outsider who had the different Qi cultivation system, Could him survive in this Isekai world?

And with his help what is country going to be changed?"

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