Battle God In Martial Meritocrats Continent

Battle God In Martial Meritocrats Continent

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*He was a third-year high school student who was an orphan. Because of his best friend, he had been tricked to steal a tomb.

“ you son of a b * tch! I have already said that tomb raiding cannot be done. However, you refused to listen to me, and now we have fallen into this cave!”

And this thousand-year-old ancient tomb had started to collapse…

In order to save himself, he hid in a mysterious coffin in the ancient tomb!


When he woke up again, he found that he had been brought to a magical land by the coffin - the Martial Meritocrats Continent!

This isekai world were ruled by the cultivation warriors.

From low to high, they were divided into nine major realms.

Meridian Vessel; Essence Condensation; Spirit Accumulation; Huayuan, and so on.

For each major realm ther difficulty of cultivation which the mortal could never imagined.

Also there are many sub-occupations. The alchemist, blacksmith, Formation Master and Beast Tamer.


On Earth, when he was young, a huge earthquake caused him to lose his family.

And all he could do was to watch his family die in front fo him…

Such powerless!

Now It was already a foregone conclusion that he had transmigrated to this magical Continent.

There was nothing on Earth that he would miss.

He swore to himself that he would integrate into this world and become a martial artist!

But becoming the martial artist is like ant thinking about to become the Elephant…

Could him success?

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