Heaven-devouring Sword Emperor

Heaven-devouring Sword Emperor

100 Chapters
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*To save the life of the continents and seas, the number one warlord in the world, Loong Che, holding the Heaven Swallowing Sword, the Eight Desolate Demon Pagoda, massacred thousands of demons and sealed countless devils. It exhausted his blood and energy. Meanwhile, he was betrayed and murdered by his enemies. Fortunately, he rebirthed 100 hundred years later.

Stumbled over corpses and blood, again, he stood on the peak of the cultivation, but suddenly he discovered that the world beneath his feet was nothing but a drop in the ocean …

All creatures live and die. Where is everything's end eventually?

In those most exciting battles, to save his brothers, he risked his life again and again.

For most unforgettable love, to get the beauties, he slew thousands of demons.

To save the life in the world, he would even become a gods-slayer.

A hundred years later, the fallen demons woke up once more. With the return of the War Emperor, another wave of mania would surely rise up and destroy the heavens!

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