The Strongest Martial God

The Strongest Martial God

54 Chapters
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This is a world of the strong. This is not a time when magic blooms, but a time when the fighting spirit of the peak is used.

In ancient times, the soul of the fighting emperor appeared. In order to unify the mainland, the four empires surged and fought again, while those fighting spirit gangs, which were different from the Imperial forces, fought bloody battles.

Lin Lei, a young master born in an aristocratic family, was attacked by the supreme gate in search of the soul of the ancient emperor dou for no reason and was killed.

By chance, Lin Lei was sent out of the family by his father to obtain the spirit of fighting emperor obtained by his family ancestors. Lin Lei got the spirit of fighting emperor, which set off another war in the supreme mainland. Finally, let's see how Lin Lei attacked the supreme and dominated the world of fighting spirit.

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