The Years as No 1 Bodyguard

The Years as No 1 Bodyguard

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He is a legendary guard with a history of extraordinary experience. With his superb physical fitness, he entered the most powerful army in China and became a soldier. After he became a Chinese hero, he set off a strong storm around the world. He was a hot-blooded man, happily standing in the lively metropolis. His amazing skills that shocked the world are by no means fictitious. Plenty of beautiful women were chasing for his heart and soul, many heroes and pride, standing there for him. He has made a legend of urban heroes.

☆About the Author☆

Bao Biao is an excellent male online novelist, has authored two novels, and both novels are the subject of bodyguards, which shows his understanding and interest of the industry. His novels are attracted and loved for their unique writing style.

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