Evolution Depends On Swallowing

Evolution Depends On Swallowing

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This was a world where one's life depended on one's strength! Sects were like trees in a forest and martial artists ran amok. One could live a peaceful life only if he was cultivating.

After understanding the memories of the body of a boy he had possessed just after transmigrating, his face turned extremely ugly!

Why?! Because he was not capable enough and tried to be a hero saving the damsel in distress! And what did he get in return? His Qi Sea got broken which is the most important foundation for cultivation, and the ice-cold beauty didn't even bother him a glance.

Just as he was lamenting and feeling helpless, a sudden voice in his ear changed his much lacking destiny!

"Do you wish to replace the Qi Sea with the Kun Peng Devouring System!?"

From then on, while others worked hard and dedicated their life to cultivation, it still took them years just to break through one major realm, but he could do it as easily as one ate.

With the System in his hand, he could control all the living things under the heavens and make them worship him like a God.

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April 13, 2024 12:59 AM
I like it so far , especially teaching the bullies. A little different approach in progressing. l can't put it down long lol
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