That Young Girl, Reincarnated Into A Mimic

That Young Girl, Reincarnated Into A Mimic

623 Chapters
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"From today onwards, the Human Golden List will be announced!"

"Human Golden List includes the Martial General List, the Human King List, the Strategist List, the Destiny List, etc."

"Those on the list will ascend from the Golden List and obtain the Great Dao!" ... "Tomorrow noon, announce the Human Clan Martial General List!" "The first place of the Martial General Ranking will be bestowed the title of Martial Saint!"

The Human Golden List had appeared, shaking the Divine and Mortal realms alike! Even Zeus, Valkyrja, and Aphrodite were alarmed. This list appearing meant power for mortals and a battle for the gods in the Divine realm.

The mortals were looking forward to it in excitement while the Divine Realm waited with anticipation for the announcement of the strongest mortal who would earn the title of Martial Saint!

Undoubtedly, the Golden List had created an unparalleled sensation across realms.

Amid this chaos, Su Tianhe, who had transmigrated into this chaotic world three years ago, basked in the sun, enjoying his peaceful life. He could care less about what was ongoing. Perhaps if there were a title of salted fish in the future, he'd be ranked number one.

But would fate really leave him a salted fish?

Who is this legendary Martial Saint going to be, and would he be able to defeat the gods?

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