Urban Carefree Sovereign

Urban Carefree Sovereign

580 Chapters
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After falling into an isolated cave, he learned a lot of skills and returned to the city to start a brilliant new life.

He had never felt more frustrated than when his girlfriend publicly refused to marry him. As the most high-profile rich kid in the world, when has he ever been rejected like that? In a moment of shock, he was drunk and fell off a cliff.

He accidentally fell into a cave isolated from the world. Inside, there was an old man who had practiced martial arts for thousands of years. In addition to shocking, he was determined to wash away the shame of being abandoned and determined to make himself better. So he worshiped the old man as a teacher and learned skills. Then he returned to the city.

After returning this time, he is no longer the naive and fragile boy, but has grown into a mature and responsible man, in charge of the family business, attracting many girls, what else can't he do?

☆About the Author☆

Quan Zhang Tian Xia, a well-known online novelist, his novels have twists and turns, distinctive characters, humorous language, and strong readability.

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