Return Of Asura

Return Of Asura

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Three years ago, his fiancée poisoned him and collaborated with others to dig his bones and Blood Essence out!

Dead, but his Soul saw everything! After destroying his family's foundation, his family was forced to flee empty-handed! And they used his bones and Blood Essence to cultivate!

Witnessing this, his Soul released a monstrous rage, alarming a passing Goddess! She whisked him away into the darkness of space, reforged his body, and accepted him as her student.

Then, with his peerless talent, he helped his Master subdue countless worlds for three hundred years. But something unforeseen caused the famous "Asura General" to be reborn back on Earth! And here, only three years had passed!

His body's previous owner was a worthless loser who depended on his wife's money. He was then falsely accused and beaten senseless! It gave him a chance to revive!

Now, an Asura whose might shook the countless worlds, he was back to feast the 'banquets of revenge' and to make his enemies pay a hefty price!

But first, he has got to accompany and attend to his beautiful wife in various ways...

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