LitRPG: Ability Extraction System

LitRPG: Ability Extraction System

1976 Chapters
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In this cultivation world, beasts and devils run rampant. These devils reared ferocious beasts and slaughtered humans.

Half a year ago, he transmigrated to Blue Star, and to a seventeen-year-old young man with the same name and surname.

He didn't have strength, status, power, or anything significant which could help him stand out. Instead, he was mocked for being trash and a useless person.

As a mosquito flew by his ear, already frustrated Su Yi slapped it to death.

A mechanical voice resounded in his mind.

"The extraction system has been installed. The host has just touched an ordinary and extracted qi and blood points. The host has broken through."

He couldn't help but get excited and smile.

There were countless types of beasts in this world. And he could extract their abilities with a single touch.

What could stop him from getting what he wanted?

Those who mocked him can only lick his feet and beauties can't help but take the initiative on him.

But he had a very clear goal in mind, and that was to eradicate any threat to his family and humans.

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July 23, 2023 6:49 AM
This is a super fantastic system book
Wow I'm in love with the book.
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