Sad Epic of Six-Realms

Sad Epic of Six-Realms

747 Chapters
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In the distant space, there is a legend that the universe is six-dimensional, and the six-dimensional space forms the six realms in the rumor. The first realm is above the other five realms, manipulating the souls of each session. The earth is the sixth realm inside of the universe.

In the summer of 2014, Lin Mo was playing a game at home, and suddenly found that the entire world had become an eschatology, and he, somehow, became one of the "chosen ones". He has an obligation to lead humanity out of the doomsday.

☆About the Author☆

Xiao Fei e, an outstanding online novelist, has authored many novels, including representative works such as "TSad Epic of Six-Realms " and "The Origin of Doom of the Silk Taoist Priest". His novel plot and writing are both good.

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