Dragon Summoner

Dragon Summoner

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In the 23rd year of the Star Pet Calendar, Symas, a young beast tamer in Littlewell City, witnesses the sudden appearance of a massive pit and a surge in wild magical creatures. Reeling from the loss of his parents to a past beast tide, Symas discovers he has been granted a second chance at life. The world is dominated by beast tamers, and pets hold unprecedented influence in medicine, technology, and battle.

Symas grapples with the memories of his previous demise as he navigates a world teetering on the brink of chaos. When an SS-grade star pet relic emerges beneath Littlewell, Symas is determined to uncover its secrets. Faced with the looming threat of Overlord-level monsters and the mysterious Dark Order, Symas utilizes the Super God Beast Tamer System, embarking on a journey to strengthen himself within three years.

Bound to the system, Symas gains access to a Void Territory, a space for pet breeding. As he acquires a Fire Dragon Egg and a small fire-type pet hive, he realizes the potential to earn federal coins and elevate his status. With the aid of the system and newfound companions, Symas ventures into a world where alliances are forged, mysteries unravel, and the countdown to an impending incubation sets the stage for an epic adventure. Will Symas conquer the challenges and rewrite his destiny in this realm ruled by beast tamers?

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